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What Would You Do If You Could Get The Legal DMV List
The Real Make Model Year Car Owners List
For Your Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail?

Well - In 19 States - You Can Stop Asking And Start Doing
Because The DMV List Is Legal And Available To You Right Now

How can the DMV list be legal? Because 19 states have released their DMV list information as long as some procedures are followed as to how it is compiled and used. Go To to get all the details.

We Used To Be Able To Get The DMV List,
By Make Model And Year - Legally For All 50 States

But the privacy act closed that all down. What happened to the auto repair industry? Those with specialty auto repair shops, those wanting to do Eropean auto repair direct mail marketing, or Japanese auto service direct mail advertising could no longer get a DMV list for make model year cars.

So, what could a specialty auto repair shop do now for their auto repair direct mail marketing? You were forced to go back to a saturation auto mailing list, coupon packet mailers, or an income auto mailing list. But, in all cases, you had to send out (for example) 10,000 direct mail auto repair post cards, to hit maybe 500, 1,000 to 2,000 people with the specific cars you were looking for. Why? Because the vehicles you specialize in, are such a small percentage of the total number of cars in any given market, most of what you send out is wasted!

Now - You Can Hit Your Specialty Right Between The Eyes

Are you a 19Stater? A specialty auto repair shop owner the lives and works in one of the DMV list states? If so - you are back in business with an auto repair direct mail list that beats them all. The DMV list. A make model year auto mailing list compiled by your state DMV. The DMV List.

Does This DMV List Work?

What does the word work mean to you? If it means, “Does the DMV list put your auto repair direct mail post card in the hands of the right car owner?” - The answer is YES! You bet it works. It is 95-97% accurate. Is there any other auto mailing list that could do better?

If, however, you think it means does the DMV List make people with the right cars flock to your shop for service, the answer is NO. Why?

The responsibility of the DMV List or any auto repair mailing list, it simply to get your auto repair direct mail marketing post card into the right hands. It is the responsibility of your auto service direct mail advertising post card to get them into your shop.

The greatest DMV list in the world cannot get anyone into your auto repair shop. It can get your auto repair direct mail advertising into the hands of the right customer, but an address sitting on a piece of mail will never motivate someone to come see you.

On the other hand, the greatest auto repair direct mail post card in the world cannot bring anyone into your auto repair shop, unless it is sent to the right person.

The Truth Is - You Need Both
A Great Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Program
And A Great DMV List To Deliver That Program To The Right Car Owner

Failure is easy. All you have to do is mess up just a little on one or the other, and you will have a low response rate, or even a complete failure. There is nothing worse than a bad auto mailing list AND a poorly designed auto repair direct mail post card. A combination guaranteed to create failure.

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A DMV List Count To See How Many Of The Right Vehicles
You Really Have In Your Auto Repair Marketing Area

For the first time, you may actually find out the real number of the auto repair specialty vehicles in your market area. Auto repair marketing success begins with knowing your market, how many cars are in that geographic market, and the right DMV List to locate them, plan your strategy, create the perfect auto repair direct mail marketing program and then chase them down and capture new customers with the right cars.


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